Meet our Medalists

We’re proud to introduce Wyoming’s current class of Congressional Award Medalists! This is a true group of world-changers—some from right in your own community. 

As we’ve seen since our very first class in 1983, Wyoming Congressional Award Medalists don’t stop serving after they’ve earned their medals. Our medalists go on to colleges and universities around the country—University of Wyoming, University of Alabama, Denver University, University of Nebraska, and West Point, just to name a few. They bring leadership skills, experiences beyond their hometowns, and innovative ideas to wherever they land.

The idea of “service before self” also inspires some of our medalists to serve in a branch of the U.S. military, where their impact on our country is unmatched. (The four program components of the Congressional Award are extremely compatible with the values of any of the five service branches.)

Into adulthood, Wyoming’s Medalists continue to influence their communities as teachers, medical professionals, researchers, engineers, volunteers for charitable organizations, and leaders in the private and public sectors—and their success isn’t a coincidence. It’s part of the story they wrote for themselves.

It’s an honor to be part of encouraging our next generation to get involved in their communities, celebrate their personal strengths, and feel inspired by their ability to make an impact—and we encourage you to join us in doing the same! 

You can become a Medalist, too!