See the world. Serve the world. Change the world.

Joining The Congressional Award program is a life- changing commitment—and every year, dozens of Wyoming youth rise to the challenge.

Challenge yourself to:

Get better at an activity you already love

Explore a new hobby or sport you’ve always wanted to try

Set personal goals that have a positive effect on you and your community

You’re about to change the world for the better—and it all starts here.

What’s special about pursuing The Congressional Award in Wyoming?

  • You’ll get local encouragement and support from the Wyoming Congressional Award Council (WCAC) staff as you work toward the Award—and Wyoming is the only state to have a Council
  • You’ll be honored for your achievements at our annual state medalist ceremony 
  • You’ll receive a $1,000 scholarship when you earn your Gold medal
  • You’ll get to do group activities with other Wyoming Gold Medalists and guests (hosted by the WCAC staff and board) when we travel to the Gold Medalist Summit in Washington, D.C.

You can earn The Congressional Award, and we’re here to help.

To date, Wyoming Congressional Award participants have earned…

Bronze Medals

Silver Medals

Gold Medals

… and completed a total of:

Voluntary Public Service Hours

Personal Development Hours

Physical Fitness Hours

Give. Sponsor. Support.

You can join the generous sponsors and sustaining partners listed below in making a lasting impact on Wyoming’s youth! 

Thank you to our sponsors for investing in Wyoming’s youth: