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Good to see you, world-changer.

You’re making us proud out there, working toward your program goals and diligently logging your hours in your record book. (We know keeping on top of your record book is just one of your many wonderful qualities!) 

Speaking of record books, be sure to keep these important deadlines in mind: 

December 31: Deadline to submit your record book to receive a medal at the state medal ceremony

March 15: Deadline for all requested revisions to receive a medal at the state medal ceremony

Remember: To submit, you’ll need the number of hours spent on each goal, total months worked, and cumulative totals.

2024 Ceremony Information

2024 Wyoming State Medal Ceremony
Cheyenne, WY

  • Saturday, April 20: Various activities for medalists and their families, culminating with an ice cream social and live entertainment by Mentalist Dan Jaspersen
  • Sunday, April 21:
    • 8:30 a.m.: Breakfast for U. S. Congressional Delegation and medalists
    • 10:00 a.m.: Wyoming State Medal Ceremony begins

2024 Gold Medal Summit
Washington, D.C. 

Details to come

Your Top Questions – Answered

If you can’t find what you need, give us a call at (307) 514-2004 or send an email to Sally (Wyoming Congressional Award Council Program Manager). 

You can also explore the Current Participants page of the national Congressional Award program site, which is packed with helpful information for participants like you.

Where can I find the program rules and requirements?

We’ve got them for you right here! Download the official program book—complete with program requirements, best practices, and submission guidelines—or contact us to get a hard copy. 

What’s the best way to track my hours?

One option is to use the hour log document, created by The Congressional Award. (Download the fillable PDF.) 

Other options—all of which come highly recommended by Wyoming medalists and advisors alike—include spreadsheets, journals, hard copy calendars with 3 different colored pens (one for each program area), and color-coded entries on electronic calendar apps.

How do I submit a record book?

You’ll submit record books via Submittable, which is through the national Congressional Award site. (If you haven’t made a submittable account yet, start here.) 

For help using Submittable, visit their support page here.

When is my record book due?

In Wyoming, there are two big deadlines to remember, both connected to our state medal ceremony:

  • December 31: Deadline to submit your record book to receive medal at the state medal ceremony
  • March 15: Deadline for all requested revisions to receive medal at the state medal ceremony


Outside of those specific dates for Wyoming, we recommend submitting your record book via Submittable as soon as you’ve completed the requirements for each medal level. 

How can I find advisors in my area?

What we love about The Congressional Award program is that you get to make the Award journey your own—and that includes choosing any trusted adult (who isn’t related to you) to be your advisor! All they have to do is say “yes” when you ask, and you’re good to go. If they’re not sure what being an advisor means, link them to our Advisor page, or have them give us a call.

How can I find a validator, and why do I need one?

You’ll need a validator to validate each of your goals, including your expedition. This person should be a trusted adult (who is not related to you) that you’re comfortable communicating with, who is aware of your goal, and who has a working knowledge of the specific activity you’re asking them to validate. 

When you choose your validator, they’ll need to provide you their email address so Submittable can message them to complete validation after you submit your Record Book. 

If you have someone in mind, but they’re not sure what being a validator means, link them to our Validator page, or have them give us a call!

How can I become a Congressional Award Ambassador?

Through The Congressional Award Ambassador program, you’ll have an opportunity to promote The Congressional Award program and encourage participation and new partnerships in your community. 

To be eligible, you must be at least 16 years old and no older than 25 at the start of a serving term, and you must have earned at least a Bronze Medal within the last five years. 

If this sounds like an exciting opportunity you’d enjoy, apply for the Ambassador program now!

Gold Medalists: Request Your Scholarship

A unique benefit of being a Wyoming Gold Medalist is the ability to receive an academic scholarship to any place of further education or trade from the Wyoming Congressional Award Council! 

You may request your scholarship up to five (5) years following the year that you earn your Gold Medal.

To request your scholarship, you’ll need the following:

  • The proper address for payments to your institution of choice; not their general mailing address 
  • A copy of your current schedule or proof of enrollment with start date 

If requesting your scholarship through the form below, be sure to attach the requested files above. You can also download a PDF of the form, which you can submit in one of two ways:

Email to, with “(Your Name) Scholarship Request” as the subject line

Mail to:
Wyoming Congressional Award Council, ATTN: Scholarships
314 E. 21st Street
Cheyenne, WY 82001

Scholarship Form

"*" indicates required fields

Bursar / Student Financial Services / Student Accounts Billing Office Mailing Address*
Wyoming Congressional Award Council (WCAC) scholarships awarded to Gold Medalists will be sent directly to the institution in your name. How each institution chooses to disperse the scholarship funds is not at the discretion of the student or WCAC.
Medalist Name*
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Medalist Email*
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