Wyoming Congressional Award Medalist Feature: Henry Dickinson

Through the Congressional Award program, Henry Dickinson, of Sheridan, has found a way to help his community and pursue his passion for history.

Dickinson, now in the eleventh grade, started his Congressional Awards journey in the Spring of 2019. He earned his Bronze Medal in 2020 and his Silver in 2021.

Kendrick Mansion for Christmas

“Working towards my Congressional Award goals has made me more aware of how I can have a genuine impact on my community,” Dickinson said.

Dickinson has volunteered at the Trail End Historic Site for the past five years. Trail End is a historic home and a museum located in Sheridan. Trail End provides a glimpse into life during the period 1913 to 1933, primarily as seen through the eyes of the family of John B. Kendrick, who served as Wyoming governor and U.S. Senator.

“Continuing this work was a great fit for my Congressional Award service goal,” Dickinson said. “It has also given me a chance to develop new skills and reinforce my dream of pursuing a degree in History and Museum Studies in college.”

Additionally, he has spent the last two summers working on a local garden project to help fill a need in his community. “I have had the opportunity to work with a master gardener and have learned that I enjoy the gardening process,” he explained.

One of Dickinson’s personal development goals has been to learn how to make period-accurate models and dioramas. He enjoyed the learning process and plans on continuing with it.

Model building is fairly time and labor-intensive, Dickinson explained. He uses various adhesives, an air compressor-powered airbrush, hand tools, and fine paintbrushes for details.

Dickinson recommended becoming involved in the Congressional Award program.

“This is a great opportunity for them to better reflect on how they can make a positive impact in their community and themselves at the same time,” he added.