Advisor Accolades: 2024 Medalists

Our medalists are world-changers.

Thank you to the wonderful advisors and validators who shared such kind words about this year’s medalists!

It has been an honor having Taylor Frauendienst as an active volunteer of ForMak. Her efforts and willingness to help us achieve and accomplish our mission and goals. She has selflessly dedicated 151 hours of time. ForMak is dedicated to making school zones and crosswalks safer in our city and across the state. We cannot achieve this without our beloved volunteers and community members. Taylor is a stellar example of what volunteerism is about. I am deeply grateful for her leadership qualities and pride in all she does. I am extremely proud of this young lady.”
Janelle Jones, Validator, President of ForMak 

Mr. Gale is an extraordinary young man who understands the concept and practice of being of service. He clearly articulates the purpose of volunteerism, both when working directly with someone or when nobody is there to notice the positive impacts he is fostering. Mr. Gale leads by example and will continue to be a leader in our school and community because he is motivated intrinsically to be of service.”
Bryon Lee,
Validator, School Counselor, Laramie High School

Vesper is a responsible, reliable go-getter. She’s driven and goal-oriented with checking off her task list! She is also able to put her personal skills to use with face-to-face networking ‘asks’ at small businesses, which is a valued life skill that will complement any future endeavors.”
Cindy Bradley,
Validator, Executive Director, Girls On the Run

Bella consistently strives to improve her physical fitness with grit and perseverance. Although Bella was born with increased challenges when it comes to physical ability, she pushes herself to make sure she can accomplish anything a neurotypical individual can, and beyond that. Bella has made great progress with goals in biomechanics, strength, balance, and endurance this year, and I am extremely proud of her!”
Brooke Metzler, Validator, Physical Therapist, Children’s Therapy Group

Ellese worked very hard on this particular goal for the Volunteer portion of her Bronze medal. I think she was surprised at the effect these children had on her and how very much she enjoyed being a part of this program!”
Dianne Kirkbride, Advisor 

Cambry is an amazing young woman; a quiet leader but a student that goes above and beyond. Just by doing and giving of herself, Cambry will go far and do great things. I’m proud of her accomplishments and what she learned about herself.”
Jacob Cole Clifford, Advisor, Teacher/Coach, Big Piney High School

Shiriah did a great job working with both the youth of her community and helping the elderly. She is very good with all ages and seems to really enjoy volunteering her time to help!”
Dianne Kirkbride, Advisor

Ellese has been a delightful addition to our volunteer staff. She is willing to do whatever is asked of her and does so with a very positive attitude.”
Jean Krause, Old West Museum

Sam is one of those delightful young men that understand the importance of community involvement and personal growth. He is willing to accept responsibilities that help enhance our school and Laramie communities. Sam is also an individual that communicates in a way that opens opportunities for others to get involved.”
Bryon Lee, Advisor 

It has been a pleasure to work alongside Shariah and see her overall growth and development. She has grown by leaps and bounds and has come into her own personally and professionally. She has worked tirelessly to develop into an amazing showman and competitor. It has been a pleasure to work with her and to be a small part of her development.”
Will Luna, Advisor 

Axie has been a wonderful student to work with! Her artistic talents in creating cards for our clients to help celebrate holidays and their birthdays is so appreciated! She also helped to recruit another Congressional Student to help decorate cards. We are so grateful for Axie’s help and we are so proud of the work she is doing to help the community!”
Rhianna Brand, Meals on Wheels

Bella made it her goal to learn about taxes, the tax filing process, and customer service skills. She accomplished this by working in the Johnstown Tax Service office in Johnstown, Colorado. Bella was able to complete 125 hours during the 2023 tax season.
Rebecca Martin, Children’s Librarian with the High Plains Library District